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If you didn't take the hint that the title gave, this is an icon journal (of a sort) for the above listed users. In addition to icons, we'll also be posting soundtracks, moodthemes, wallpapers, and anything else that suits our current fancy. Topics will, of course, range, but not to worry! Everything will be archived in the memories for your convienence.

1. Hot-linking is FORBIDDEN. Not that we have any way to hunt you down if you did, but please respect us (and our costly bandwith), and save any graphics you snag to your own server. If you need somewhere to host graphics, Photobucket and Imageshack are two great, FREE places to put to your use.

2. CREDIT. You may either credit Karamu or, if you enjoy being precise credit the icon maker to whom the creations belong. We ask for credit, not only because we have a fetish for fame and glory, but because it's part of icon etiquette and is respectful to the creators. If you have trouble crediting, feel free to leave a comment requesting assisstance, and one of us will be sure to give you a hand.

3. Commenting is cool, and encourages us to stop procrastinating and work on more things! So comment away, please! Really, commentsm whether concrit or just praise, really do wonders to a persons morale, so it's greatly appreciated around here. If you have suggestions for subjects we should icon, feel free! We don't take requests, but ideas are always valued.

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